Anabolic amino 5000

Resveratrol is a wine phenolic that is known to interact with sirtuin proteins (mostly SIRT1) which is similar to leucine; the metabolites of KIC and HMB at are able to induce SIRT1 to 30-100% of baseline which is a comparable potency to 2-10μM resveratrol [25] although the combination of leucine () or HMB (μM) and resveratrol (200nM) is able to synergistically induce SIRT1 and SIRT3 activity in both adipocytes and skeletal muscle cells. [85] KIC appears to be a more potent stimulator than HMB, [25] and synergism appears to be greater with leucine than with HMB (possibly indicative of KIC metabolism). [85]

Amino acid supplements are usually based on either the full spectrum of the 9 essential amino acids, the branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) or leucine on its own. Leucine is widely considered to be the key amino acid regarding muscle hypertrophy as without enough present, the other amino acids cannot bond to form the chains which go on to make up muscle tissue. Also very popular as a supplement are BCAA’s, of which leucine is the major component. Research on BCAA’s which are comprised of leucine, iso-leucine and valine, has shown that they are anti-catabolic in that they can actually prevent muscle breakdown. This makes them of particular benefit when used whilst training to protect muscle tissue and start the recovery process before training has ceased. All 9 essential amino acids have also been found to be of benefit in supplemental form, particularly when taken with meals to boost the amino acid content of the food which allows the body to make better use of the whole protein that has been consumed.

I love it when I hear this product compared to whey or some fancy bottled amino acid sold to bodybuilders who are attracted to the shininess or color of the bottle. Maps claim to fame is that it is absorbed by the lymph system and not digested at all, and it has very little if any toxic load to the kidneys! Its absorbtion rates literally dwarf all other protein sources! It is very expensive but it seems to deliver exactly what it says it can. Purium products buys them direct from source and rebottles them with they”re own label, and purium products are the best of the best!

Anabolic amino 5000

anabolic amino 5000


anabolic amino 5000anabolic amino 5000anabolic amino 5000anabolic amino 5000anabolic amino 5000