Duchaine steroids

Now one of the most popular questions we get here at MUSCLE INSIDER is how can one get off steroids while keeping the gains they made? Now of course we don't promote the use of steroids and think there are great ways to make gains without their use, but if you have questions on their use, we're not going to leave you high and dry! We'll always seek out the most qualified experts to help you find info you're looking for. So without further delay, here is Dan Duchaine's original Post Cycle Therapy which is still very current even with the creation of newer PCT "theories" and drugs used today for PCT.    

In 1997, Phillips was eager to expand his empire beyond the bodybuilding industry. MM2K changed from targeting the hardcore bodybuilder to the more mainstream exercise participant, and the July 1997 issue saw the magazine redubbed simply as Muscle Media . [20] While Muscle Media 2000 had a distribution of 500,000 copies per issue at its peak, [21] the change in direction alienated many traditional readers, and sales numbers reportedly declined sharply afterwards. [22] [23] Publication finally ceased in 2004 after the EAS company was sold a second time.

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Duchaine steroids

duchaine steroids


duchaine steroidsduchaine steroidsduchaine steroidsduchaine steroidsduchaine steroids