Ectomorph steroids transformation

Holy crap, Jay. EPIC article here! Really throwing down some knowledge. This is definitely up there with your “reasons bodybuilding workouts SUCK” article as some of the best strength/muscle content I’ve seen on the web.
With all this great info you’re providing, I really think you ought to shed the veil of relative anonymity and let us all know who you actually are at some point. (You might be amused to know that for a while I suspected you could be Jason Feruggia in disguise, putting up another site for some reason. It seemed to make sense…2 guys more or less named Jay, who write quality, hard-nosed articles about lifting weights. I don’t believe that any more though.) You could really build a name for yourself with quality content like this. Just a thought.

I’m 60 years old, been lifelong PED-free since I began at age 16 in 1972. I’m not at all anti-steroid — if an adult chooses to gear, I believe that should be an adult’s right to do. But, I am against the dishonesty used to peddle supplements to uninformed people, especially to kids; and against the naivety that steroids merely enable a “small difference”. In the doses typically run by powerlifters and bodybuilders — doses higher than even that 600 mg per week used in that 1996 study — the difference steroids make is far from “small”.

I believe that these famous celebrities are endomorphs, too:
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Katy Perry
Hayley Atwell
Melissa McCarthy
Christina Ricci
Isla Fisher
Marion Bartoli
Kat Dennings
Elizabeth Gillies
Vince Vaughn
Marlon Brando
Seth Rogen
Jonah Hill
Jimmy Kimmel
John Travolta
Gerard Butler
Ricky Gervais
George Foreman
Vin Diesel
Kevin James
50 Cent
L Cool J
Jason Segel
Jason Sudeikis
Brock Lesnar
Charles Barkley

Ectomorph steroids transformation

ectomorph steroids transformation


ectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformationectomorph steroids transformation