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If Liu and the other Chinese weightlifters are stripped of their Beijing gold medals, the question remains: Did they have any choice in any doping? Liu, who was originally selected as a judo athlete, has toiled in the state sports system since she was a little girl. (Four years ago, she was receiving less than $10,000 in annual salary for her record-breaking contributions to the state.) Eight years ago, I visited a shabby sports school in eastern Shandong province where young weightlifters spent the days in a clanging gym in lieu of primary school. After training, the kids, with their callused and chalk-stained hands, walked up to a table lined with paper cups. Each cup held a few pills, which they swallowed, one after the other, with gulps of warm water.

In the final of the 100-metre breaststroke, South African Cameron van der Burgh won in a world-record time of , bettering the previous record of held by Brenton Rickard of Australia. After the race however, underwater camera footage showed winner van der Burgh did three illegal butterfly kicks on the underwater pullout (rules allow for one kick). [13] Van der Burgh later admitted to the illegal move and justified the act by saying if he was not doing it, "you are falling behind or giving yourself a disadvantage." [14]

Female chinese swimmers steroids olympics

female chinese swimmers steroids olympics


female chinese swimmers steroids olympicsfemale chinese swimmers steroids olympicsfemale chinese swimmers steroids olympicsfemale chinese swimmers steroids olympicsfemale chinese swimmers steroids olympics