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My husband – age 79 – is a diabetic and has a-fib heart problems, plus his legs are very weak and he has trouble walking. he has been in the hospital for 1 week, going thru many tests, lung tests, heart tests and such. He has an abcess tooth and it was a several days before it could be taken care of. he was given anitbiotics for the infection and a vicadin sub medication for the pain in the tooth area. He had the tooth taken care of, but then ended up in ER due to his sugar falling and his low BP. He was a bit confused at home after taking the Vicadin – and now he is showing signs of Sundowners at the hospital. he is off the Vicadin and his BP and sugar is controlled. Will his sundowners get better or can i expect it to continue? His father developed dimentia at about 82 years of age.

When he came to visit me once again in November of 2011, he was no longer able to walk into my office and he was in a wheel chair. He begged me to help him. See, Mr. Daniels has a zest for life, and he was not happy with the hand he was currently dealt. He is a very accomplished musician and he wanted to live life on his terms and not on the terms his health was dishing out to him. I told him that if he was willing to make some lifestyle changes that were dramatic immediately, that I might be able to help him. I told him that I needed him to eat a strict ketogenic Epi-paleo diet right away, and that he had to begin to ice his lower back and thighs for me daily. He told me the request sounded odd, but that if I was going to try to help him he would do anything at this point because no one else had any answers for him.

Genesis meds steroids

genesis meds steroids


genesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroidsgenesis meds steroids