Herniated disc epidural steroid injections

If you’re experiencing pain or any of the symptoms listed above, then Minimally Invasive SpineCARE® recommends scheduling an appointment to see one of our Board-certified physicians as quickly as possible. We can oftentimes diagnose your condition after a thorough physical and detailed discussion of your medical history. Advanced imaging using our state-of-the-art technology may also be recommended to confirm the diagnosis and help us to guide you to the best therapy and treatment options available. While each patient has different needs, most conditions can be treated conservatively with physical therapy and/or a customized, targeted exercise and stretching program.

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Herniated disc epidural steroid injections

herniated disc epidural steroid injections


herniated disc epidural steroid injectionsherniated disc epidural steroid injectionsherniated disc epidural steroid injectionsherniated disc epidural steroid injectionsherniated disc epidural steroid injections