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Sponsor: STATegics, Inc.

Epo-mimetics - STATegics, Inc., a company in South San Francisco, CA, specializes in the discovery and development of small molecule modulators of cytokine receptors. Lead compounds include potent and selective activators of the tissue protective erythropoietin receptor, a potential target for treatment of FA. STATegics received grant funding from FARA to investigate these compounds in cellular and animal models of FA and to investigate cellular mechanisms linking receptor activation to increases in frataxin. Results of this research were published in May 2017 in Neuropharmacology - http:///science/article/pii/S0028390817302174

STATegics is now planning to launch preclinical PK-PD studies with a lead compound.

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Life Science > Metabolomics > Enzymes & Proteins > Analytical Enzymes > β-Glucuronidase

Pharma science steroids

pharma science steroids

Life Science > Metabolomics > Enzymes & Proteins > Analytical Enzymes > β-Glucuronidase


pharma science steroidspharma science steroidspharma science steroidspharma science steroidspharma science steroids