Puffy face anabolic steroids

I am 81 years old. Two years ago I had a cornea replaced in my right eye. 11 months later I had more surgery done by placing something behind the new cornea to help me see better, but I was given the wrong drops by mistake so I had some damage to the eye. My doctor suggested all kinds of eye drops to heal the damage done but none worked so I was gradually losing my sight. Two clerks at Sangster’s suggested to try EY Plus and Lutein. In 3 days I couldn’t believe what was happening. My eye felt so comfortable – the eyeball was a natural color and wasn’t puffy anymore. I could see outlines of pictures on the wall with large birds. In 1 week the birds were clear and I could see the colors. It is now 2 weeks – I can see to write and my vision is wonderful. My TV looks different altogether. The drainage which was real bad stopped completely by the second day and hasn’t returned since. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has an eye problem. Many thanks to the ladies at Sangster’s for being such a help to me and for having such wonderful knowledge of the products they sell. May God bless you all and thanks again.

Puffy face anabolic steroids

puffy face anabolic steroids


puffy face anabolic steroidspuffy face anabolic steroidspuffy face anabolic steroidspuffy face anabolic steroidspuffy face anabolic steroids