Red nose pitbull on steroids

(07/08/2017) ​                                                     Accidents happen but when its a dog peeing on carpet sometimes if not cleaned correctly it can permanently damage the carpet and or leave an almost permanent smell. There are tons of chemicals out there you can buy at stores but i prefer a more natural mix and something that is non toxic so there's no problem with children or dogs.                                                                                     What you'll needSpray bottle to hold liquid1 teaspoon - Baking Soda5 Ounces - Hydrogen Peroxide3 drops - Wild Orange essential oil1 teaspoon - White VinegarMix all ingredients together in the bottle and shake , if the mess is very large double the recipe. First what needs to be done is use a wet or shop vacuum to sucks up all liquid possible , if you don't not own one of these use a towel and place something heavy on it and leave for a few minutes to absorb the liquid.        Once all urine is removed from carpet spray with the mixture very generously and leave on carpet for 2 minutes. Then use wet or shop vacuum to suck up all of the mixture from the carpet.          The next step is to again generously spray the spot with the mixture and leave it overnight , the next morning it will be a powder and you can use a vacuum to clean it up. The next day if you want to really eliminate the smell you can make a mixture of the baking soda and essential oil to shake on carpet.                                                                        What you'll needA plastic container1 cup - Baking soda6 drops - wild orange essential oilShake the mixture vigorously in the container. Then spread over the spot , leave over night and vacuum up the next morning.                                                                 

” IT’S REALLY SAD HOW MANY IGNORANT, HATEFUL, AND CRUEL PEOPLE HAVE ***LABELED and given *** “PIT-BULL’S*** a ***BAD-RAP.” I was one of those people who just thought PIT-BULLS were aggressive in general, however, after adopting my baby, and “I DID MY OWN RESEARCH,” which did not include hate sites, I found that all the bad raps come from people who don’t think on their own nor does research, and the “Only” aggressive dogs, I FOUND IN ANY BREED, the dogs that are aggressive, NOT JUST PIT BULLS, was due to the OWNER ABUSE….”KEY-WORD****OWNER****!!!

Red nose pitbull on steroids

red nose pitbull on steroids


red nose pitbull on steroidsred nose pitbull on steroidsred nose pitbull on steroidsred nose pitbull on steroidsred nose pitbull on steroids