Steroid injection for back pain video

Hi Matron....yes the Steriod can be circulated throughout your body, via your blood stream....Our muscles are supplied with blood, which absorbs the steriod, and will automatically tranfer it to other parts of body.  My rhuematologist has said that she can inject upto 3 points in one session, with a few weeks/month break in between.  By administering an injection into the Gluteal Muscle (bottom muscle), which is one of the major/largest muscles, with the most blood supply, could be the answer to a faster/more diverse result.....also the more you have (or in my case at least), the lesser the effect, so perhaps, if you widened the time-span, you may also get a better has been over 12 months since I have received an injection, but have also not needed an injection into the points of previous injections...making me feel that the steriod has assisted in the healing of these joints.  I am now considering the need for a steriod injection into my R) Facio-maxilla joint, as it has been very tender over last few weeks  (have seen dentist and awaiting results of x-ray, but was told by same dentist about 5 years ago, that this site is affected by arthrites)...Hoping this gives you food for thought.  Bron

A pooled quantitative literature search concerning the treatment of de Quervain’s tenosynovitis compared 7 studies (a total of 459 wrists) with identical diagnostic and success criteria. 4 Average follow-up was months (range, 1 week to 7 years). There were no control groups in the studies, and none of the studies were randomized. Of the 226 cases treated with steroid injection alone, 83% were cured, though 30 of these needed a second injection. Sixty-one percent of those treated with injection and splint were cured, while 14% treated with splint alone reported cure.

Steroid injection for back pain video

steroid injection for back pain video


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