Steroid sources canada

Endoscopy is an accurate test for diagnosing dyspepsia, but organic pathology that does not respond to acid suppression or Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy is rare under the age of 55. Most guidelines therefore recommend as the first line approach for managing dyspepsia either empirical proton pump inhibitor therapy or a non-invasive test for Helicobacter pylori and then offering therapy if the patient is positive. If the patient has alarm features such as progressive dysphagia, anemia or weight loss, endoscopy may be appropriate.

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I placed and paid for an order on December 28th 2013. My tracking number was given to me via-email and I watched "my package" get dispatched and it traveled all the way around Thailand. 30 days after my order and I'm a little irritated by the fact I paid for a quicker shipment. I watched " my package" come back to the original postage center. I inquired as to why and I get a response telling me they will ask their contact. Then I hear nothing back so I follow up with them via e-mial again, and they say "we are waiting for confirmation". 45 days into this nightmare and now I'm posting this experience. I truly don't believe my package is coming and I sincerely hope this will serve as a warning to NOT send them your money!!

Steroid sources canada

steroid sources canada


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