Steroid use after knee surgery

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I had a knee replacement 10 years ago , because I was bone on bone! Every since have my knee replaced I have had a Manipulation , surgery to remove scare tissue . Fast forward about four years still in a lot of pain with swelling , I ended up having a revision because something came loose ! Still a lot of pain and swelling , Four months after my revision I had to have a hip replacement all on the same side because my knee still had a lot of pain . So here we are 2017 my Dr retired and my new dr told me that the implants where in wrong ! Had another knee replacement in 2016 ! Still in a lot of pain and still very swollen in fact haven’t been working because it swells so bad when I stand or walk!

Pain after a corticosteroid injection is not the norm, but it’s not abnormal either. I can’t speak to your situation, but I can say that occasionally patients will have what’s called “post injection flare” where the pain is worse for 2-3 days after the injection. I would tell patients to put ice on the area and as long as it’s not red, swollen or with discharge at the injection site, sit on it for a couple days to see if it resolves. If it’s not any better after 2-3 days, then come into the office. And just so you know, it does NOT mean the injection did or did not work correctly, and it does not matter which technique was used to get the steroid into the knee joint.

Steroid use after knee surgery

steroid use after knee surgery


steroid use after knee surgerysteroid use after knee surgerysteroid use after knee surgerysteroid use after knee surgerysteroid use after knee surgery