Testoprim d real steroids

Great article. I found this while researching the IM Forums where you also have great info as well. I’ve read quite a bit all over the web. There’s so much confusion over this. I don’t have an opinion either for or against and can read between the lines/blurs/mumbo jumbo of what’s in print and find minimal reality of any facts supporting true positive results for any OTC T-booster product. This still leaves me in a quandary. I’m currently doing a cycle of 1-Andro/Anabolic Matrix and would like to keep my gains if any result from it. With all OTC products being pretty much useless for boosting test what would be a viable option for doing so as a PCT??

Ive done 5 cycles of testo prim d , yes it is very painful at first. First jcycle I did 1 shot a wk for 12wks. I got the painful knots . Second cycle I did 12wks again but I doubled the dose in a single shot. Huge mistake swellnes size of a fist and redness. I put a heating pad on it and it went away. My last cycles were the best. I would heat up the viles wit a lighter & take 2 shots,1 on each cheeck and then I massaged 5min each. No swollenes lil pain for a day I did this every 10 days n last 4shots 15 days apart followed by nolva. Kept gains and gains were great. The instruction on test p d say to friction in hands to warm up but its not enough. I hope this helps ppl

Testoprim d real steroids

testoprim d real steroids