Trenbolone fat loss

Trenbolone is a potent androgen that is primarily used in cattle, so there is even less information at our disposal on this compound or its effects on the female endocrine system than any other drug. It is the one drug that seems to produce results as significant as the side effects that are associated with it. Women are generally advised to stay clear of Trenbolone considering the strong androgenic component which eradicates any possibility of running Trenbolone without sides. The more seasoned female athlete will run it in the off season in order to reap the muscle building benefits of the drug whilst maintaining a relatively low body fat. On the other hand running it during contest preparation will preserve the newly added muscle mass while on a calorie restricted diet. The less daring athlete will run Trenbolone during the last few weeks of contest preparation or even limit their use to the week before the show - with a more frequent injection schedule.

Trenbolene may not be for everyone and it is important to recognize if it is not effecting one’s body right. If a user feels as though they really aren’t able to be themselves on oral tren and they don’t feel comfortable while taking it, use should be discontinued. However, Trenbolene has many proven great affects and advantages for users. Many bodybuilders, weight lifters and all around athletes have found great success while using oral tren, which is why is currently is one of the top anabolic steroids that is used. If an experienced steroid or testosterone user wants to try using Trenbolene, don’t forget to start out with a lower dose and work up slowly! This will ensure that the least amount of side effects are experienced and will give a more enjoyable result!

Trenbolone fat loss

trenbolone fat loss


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