Ufc steroid testing policy

Then again, neither Silva nor Sonnen were as reputable as some of the other names on the promotion that have undergone and passed the random SMRTL testing. When the profoundly cynical look at this situation, they see the failure to publicly disclose a failed prefight drug test of Jon Jones and the apparent lack of serious consequences for Jones (who spent some time in rehabilitation and received a fine), and are skeptical about how seriously the UFC takes drug use among its top level competitors. Skepticism is unavoidable in these cases. (Victor Conte, perhaps the most well-known PED peddler of the modern era, has  publicly expressed suspicion  Jones may also be using some form of performance enhancing drugs, following the test.)

"It's hard to find words to describe how I'm feeling right now. I'm disappointed to hear the news. It's very emotional. We as athletes are entitled to due process, and I will refrain from saying much more until I know exactly what happened. In my mind, on July 29, I competed and I lost. I thought Jon Jones was the better man that day. I don't know what to think anymore. I can't believe we are going through all of this again. We will see what happens next. Thank you to all my fans who have supported me during this dark time. I love you all very much."

Ufc steroid testing policy

ufc steroid testing policy


ufc steroid testing policyufc steroid testing policyufc steroid testing policyufc steroid testing policyufc steroid testing policy