Vitiligo treatment steroid cream

Sunless tanning preparations may be used to darken the vitiligo a more acceptable color. These will cover small areas of vitiligo well. Micropigmentation (tattooing) is rarely recommended. It works best for the lip area, particularly in people with dark skin; however, it is difficult to perfectly match the skin, and tends to look worse over time. For loss of pigment over more than half of the exposed areas of the body, depigmentation therapy can be considered. This is the permanent (or nearly permanent) bleaching out of all pigmentation. The remaining skin will be an even white color, which can then be covered with the cosmetics.

Being completely innocuous  (no side effects), the treatment with Melagenina Plus makes possible its use  in children and adults, including elderly people, pregnant women  and during the menstruation period.
It is compatible with all types of food or beverage , and with other medications , except for psoralenos , corticoids, and citostatics, with which it is antagonic.
Melagenina Plus has no local or systemic side effects.

The recent media publicity about Michael Jackson's battle with vitiligo has helped raise public awareness of the disease. While vitiligo is worldwide and affects all races equally, it is a particularly troubling social problem for persons whose normal skin color is brown or black. The contrast between brown skin and white vitiligo spots can create a grotesque "harlequin" appearance. The same kind of disfigurement can become a problem for vitiligo victims with normally fair skin who tan deeply during the summer months or, among those who live in sunny climates, throughout the year.

Vitiligo treatment steroid cream

vitiligo treatment steroid cream


vitiligo treatment steroid creamvitiligo treatment steroid creamvitiligo treatment steroid creamvitiligo treatment steroid creamvitiligo treatment steroid cream